My Presence!

Here I am, Present!
To Restart Refreshed!
Welcoming Everyone!
Into My Universe!
A Year Had Passed!
In a Journey That Breezed!
By, Teaching me something!
To Resume from where!
I Left almost a Year Back!
Wishing Everyone!
A Welcome to their New Year!
In their Life’s Journey!


Humans & Travel – A Thought!

Humans are born to Travel!
A Journey that began, Yesterday!
A Journey that continues, Today!
A Journey that will continue, Tomorrow!
Without a Stop to Pause!
Until you reach the Oblivion!
Where are Borders and Customs!
When we are born to Journey
Into the Outer World !
Towards the never ending Universe!
A Journey that will continue!
For lifetime to come!
In a life that will never be constant!
For life keeps evolving to change!


A Short Walk Across

A short walk across, With a cool breeze to,
Embrace you from behind, A refreshing fragrance,
Of a nearing rain, Yet no signs of an,
Impending rain yet!, When back home looking,
Outside the window, It was a pleasant surprise,
To see flowers of snow, Reaching us from above,
Refreshing to watch, With wonder, flakes of flowers,
Floating to reach the floor, To merge onto the land,
To transform itself, To flow across the road,
To run back to its mother, The deep blue sea,
That lay far beyond, Across miles in the distant,
The everlasting mother, For all beings everywhere!

The Transformation, Just For You!

Down the straight road,
Meandering along with,
A bend here, A bend there,

A drive down the,
Memory lane towards,
A Lake that became,

Synonymous with Winter,
For it freezes time and again,
Inviting me to drive along,
Tempting me to take a walk,

Over and across the lake,
Yet I stare in Awe!
At the lake that freezes,
For its sheer size!

This time with a difference
A short walk I took,
Over the frozen lake,

Even if it was just,
A step into the lake
Away from its edge,

Just for the Inspiration!
It gives to feel, when,
You are over the lake!!!

Its simply amazing,
To wonder at Nature,
For the Transformation!

It does for You!
By Transforming itself,
Just for You!

Life is a Book for Another to Read

Life is a Book.
Decades are Turning Points.
Years are its Chapters.
Months are its Pages.

Days are its Paragraphs.
Hours are its Sentences.
Minutes are its Words.

Words flow !
Sentences form !
Paragraph fills !
Months roll !
Chapters complete !
Decades have gone !

Yet the Book is in Progress!
For Decades Turn Our Life!
Upside Down! from

What we were before!
To what we are now!
That’s something new!
Unrelated to the past!

Yet we carry the past!
Like a baggage on our shoulders!
Instead of leaving it behind!
To start fresh from scratch!

For Memories don’t leave!
It lingers behind like a shadow!

Yet, Shed, we have to
The baggage of the past
To complete the Book
With things that are new

For the Reader to enjoy
His book when he reads

Life is just that!
A Book for Another to Read!

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